When it comes to school, Stav was the smartest person ever. She knew the answer to every question regardless of how complicated or absurd it was. I liked to call her “The Human Dictionary”. After Stav graduated Fremont High School in 2018, she started her college life in De Anza Community College. Stav continued on her University search in 2019, and after a few months, decided that UC Davis was the school that she wanted to commit to. She liked the school, and believed that it was a perfect place to study her favored major: Psychology. Stav applied to UC Davis, and in early January got an Email from the school saying that she was being considered. I remember all of us hugging her that day when she told us. On January 24, 2021, Stav passed away. And on January 25, 2021, Stav was officially accepted into UC Davis. 

We at SKOOLIEZ have created The Stav Reuven Scholarship, because although Stav was not able to follow her college dreams, we believe that another student should. It has always been Stav’s dream to change the world into a more kind, harmless and peaceful place and we are making it our mission to continue this dream for her. The Stav Reuven Scholarship was created to continue Stav’s mission of fostering kindness and compassion.

With that being said: 
In honor of my sister Stav Reuven, a portion of the profits raised from our SKOOLIEZ website and donations will be donated to our Stav Reuven Scholarship with the intention to help a student graduating Fremont High School and attending college in 2021-22 get financial aid. 2 successful applicants will each receive a $500 SKOOLIEZ Scholarship in Stav’s name. However, we are happy to say that we are taking a different approach in the grant of this scholarship. Our goal with SKOOLIEZ, is to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place. A place where people feel safe and welcome. So, this scholarship will be solely based on your kindness and compassionate contribution to the world. In a 2 minute video, we would like to see how you’ve been making the world a better place, whether it's at school, to the community, or family etc.

How to Apply?

You will be submitting a 2 minute video displaying your contribution to the community through kindness and compassion.
he video should include:
How and what you have been doing to make this world a kinder place. how you’ve been helping others while also explaining how you’ve been growing along the way. Describe your passions and goals for your future and how you will continue spreading kindness and helping others in the process. The most valuable lesson you learned during quarantine, mental struggles that you've overcome and how others can also use your profound knowledge. Your overall reassuring advice to the audience, what is kindness to you? And what can others take away from that message?

The main focus of this video should be what you are doing to make this world a better place, big or small. No crazy editing skills are required, a simple 2 minute iMovie edit is perfectly fine. Please provide a voiceover with video footage/photos of your contributions and kind acts. Lasty, be creative and be yourself! The successful applicant will be someone who exudes the SKOOLIEZ spirit. 

The scholarship is open to all Fremont High School Seniors who will be attending college in 2021-22. This Scholarship is not based on your financial situation or GPA, so no need to worry about grades or submitting any financial information, but is solely based on your contribution and kindness to the world.

Please submit your video along with your contact information, to The Stav Reuven Scholarship as an MP4 or QuickTime file to my Email here: guyapple11@gmail.com with the subject as (Stav Scholarship 21- Your Name). Upon submission, all videos become the property of SKOOLIEZ and may be posted on our website, social media, or other public forum.

DEADLINE: MAY 27, 2021