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In honor of my sister, I have created a video on how those of us who don’t have depression often treat people with depression, and the consequences of this lack of understanding. We often like to believe that our lives will remain ordinary, and believe that if we remain optimistic, that nothing in our lives could go wrong. And when we run and run away from our problems, the truth can only haunt us. I call this mindset, optimistic ignorance. 

In a very odd but realistic way, optimism is ignorance. It is ignorance because it causes us to avoid thoughts that are too extraordinary from happening. Thoughts that are too traumatic to take part in our lives, so we avoid the thought of them, in hopes that our lives will remain ordinary. And this is not a bad thing as this is what keeps us buoyant, positive and faithful for the future. Although, it can blind us from the truth if we believe it enough. We are just too optimistic to think other people want to die. To believe that this is what they really want. They say they’re depressed and want to die, we tell them they will get through this, and hope that one day they’ll finally be strong enough to be happy again and enjoy life. It is not a bad thing to be optimistic, but it doesn’t work. 

The scary thing about suicide is that it happens in an instant, you don’t wake up one day and see them slowly dying. It’s a silent cancer that grows from within, and kills from within. In cancer, the fate of your life is up to the doctor. A man or woman with years of professional medical experience, your odds of survival are slim. In depression, your fate lies in the hands of the disease itself. Your odds of survival are slimmer. In cancer, you can admit to suffering and pain, as you should. In depression, you can also admit to suffering and pain, but no one will believe you, because you can't see it in an X-Ray. The problem is us, it is us who simply choose not to listen.