The Stav Reuven Project Non-Profit is raising money for Non-Traditional Therapeutic Non-Profits for children, teenagers and young adults. As a teenager myself, I understand that the traditional route of talk-therapy is not always effective. For some of us, talk therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapies are simply not enough. The Stav Reuven Project is leading the change when it comes to mental health care, providing healthy alternatives to more traditional forms of therapy. 



American Art Therapy Association
Art Therapy is an integrative mental health and human services profession that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience  within a psychotherapeutic relationship. Our mission is to advance art therapy as a regulated mental health profession and build a community that supports art therapists throughout their careers. A world where everyone has access to professional art therapy for improved mental health and well-being.


National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy
(650) 851-2271

NCEFT is dedicated to helping children, adults, and military Veterans with special needs reach beyond their boundaries through equine-assisted therapies, education, and research. For 50 years, NCEFT has tapped into the profound rehabilitative power of the human-horse relationship to bring healing to thousands of Bay Area children and adults (ages 2-90+) with physical, cognitive, neuromuscular, mental, and emotional challenges and disabilities. Common diagnoses for these patients include, but are not limited to, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome, autism, developmental delay, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, stroke, genetic disorders, ADHD, learning or language disabilities, as well as PTSD, anxiety, depression, social isolation, grief and loss. NCEFT’s programs include Physical, Occupational, and Speech-Language Therapy, Adaptive Riding , Equine-Assisted Mental Health & Resilience Programs and Workshops, Mindfulness Programs, Happy Trails Camp, Social Skills Programs, Special Education School Programs, and Veteran and First Responder Programs. 




INTRA strives to provide the highest standard of equine-assisted activities and therapy (EAAT) to children, youth, and adults with a variety of significant life challenges in order to improve their long-term physical, social, and emotional well-being. Our vision is to provide equal opportunities for people of all backgrounds to fulfill their potential using EAAT. We proudly serve a diverse clientele and aim to build long-term relationships, community and an open house setting at the ranch for all. We achieve our mission by working with highly qualified and dedicated EAAT practitioners and volunteers, ensuring the highest safety standards, and providing meticulous care for our horses. INTRA aims to serve as a leading national center in EAAT practitioner certification and educational resources, keeping abreast of current knowledge, evidence-based practice, and research.


ERAN Emotional First Aid
ERAN provides Lifesaving Emotional First Aid Services, offering initial response and emotional support on the phone and online, while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity. Each and every one of us,  our parents, our soldiers and our children, encounter difficult moments in our daily lives. Sometimes the crisis is intense and creates a feeling of helplessness together with the need for a sympathetic, non-judgmental conversation of support and empathy. For five decades, ERAN volunteers have been reaching out to people in stressful situations, discreetly and confidentially. The range of referrals to ERAN is broad and includes situations such as dealing with trauma, depression, economic distress, teen challenges, loneliness, violence, abuse, eating disorders, self-image and sexual identity, difficulty in raising children, distress of Holocaust survivors, anxiety, and more.



Our Goals:

Our Short Film

In order for you to understand the pain of suicide and depression, I want to create a short film on how depression leads to suicide, and how we who do not have depression, fail to notice it and how we can better prepare for it. For you to truly understand how serious this topic is, I am hoping to make an official production short film with cinematic cameras, actors, props, gear etc. This way, you can truly experience what it’s like to lose someone to suicide, and better prepare for it. For this movie to be the most impactful it can be, we need the money to actually create it. Sadly, I cannot afford making a high quality movie without your help. And I believe that I need to make this happen so that I can make the greatest impact and hopefully change people’s perspectives on depression and suicide. So I have put my blood, sweat and tears into this website, where I can help spread my sister’s message through art, while also raising money to create this short film and raise awareness for suicide and depression. All the profits will be going into the funding for this short film, as well as our Non-Profit, The Stav Reuven Project, which supports Non-Traditional forms of therapy for children, teenagers, and young adults. We want Stav to make the difference that she’s always wanted to make, and we need you. All of you. We need to work together, and at the end, we can finally look back and say that we did it. So if you don’t mind, I would love it if you could explore our website, and hopefully buy a piece of my sister’s art, which will contribute in bringing us one step closer to changing the world. This way, Stav is making an impact through her art, while also changing the perspective of her community.

Community Support Messaging

Something we all have access to 24/7 is our cellphones, many of us use our cellphones against our benefit and it is time to change that as cellphones are a big factor to our mental health. Most teenagers often use their phones to scroll through social media and check on what others are doing, but very often to check on themselves. Often, we as teenagers don’t take care of the technological aspect of our mental health because of all the distractions that come into play when having a cellphone. What is currently helping me get through my sister’s passing as well as other important places in my life, is reassurance and manifestations. Often, we very rarely get that reassurance whether it is our family, friends or even ourselves. Many of us feel uncared for, so I am creating The Stav Reuven Project as a way for people to keep a positive mental health, and to take care of themselves through a simple message. When we manifest something to occur in our future as if it were already done, this subconsciously tells our brain to take action on it. So we at SKOOLIEZ are partnering up with Community.com to reach as many of you as possible and keep our days positive and bright. The messaging system will consist of daily manifestations, motivation and positive quotes all throughout the day to keep our minds positively wired. Especially for those who are having a harder day can benefit from this messaging system, as it will be active 24/7. 

Non-Traditional Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

The benefits of animal-based therapy have been well documented. According to the Mayo Clinic, animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue in people who suffer from a range of medical and mental health issues.

As a complementary form of therapy, animal-assisted treatment is heralded as one of the most effective means of helping individuals cope with a number of health conditions. Other researchers found similar patterns among patients who use AAT to aid in a number of disorders, including Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, developmental disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, anxiety and depression.

Music and Art Therapy

Music and art therapy provides young adults with a unique opportunity to express themselves through a creative platform while undergoing stress, grief, loss or medical issues. Through these creative endeavors, teens and youth are able to address their emotional, psychological, cognitive, physical and social needs and can find a creative outlet that allows them to move forward in their healing process. In particular, those who have a hard time verbalizing may have a lot to gain from music and art therapies. As Douglass Mitchell writes for the website Good Therapy, “Art therapy supports our process when words are not enough.” 


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