SKOOLIEZ is not just a brand. Before creating this website, I had been working day and night for weeks on a Suicide Awareness video that I have been making. I have created this video on how those of us who don’t have depression often treat people with depression, and the consequences of this lack of understanding.

I believe that suicide and depression is still very overlooked and my goal now is to make an even greater impact than the video itself. With that being said, I plan on creating a real production short film with actors, equipment, cameras and gear. Although, I can not make this change alone. In order for this to happen, we need to make this change as a community. So to get us one step closer to this change, I have created this website, which contains my sister, Stav’s art on clothing. Every purchase that you make on the website is a donation. A contribution that brings us one step closer to make this short film come to life. 100% of the profits made from this website will be dedicated to our Suicide Awareness Short Film and will also be donated to our Non-Profit Organization, The Stav Reuven Project, for Suicide Prevention and Depression. I have made a donation box that is linked in the bio of our instagram page @rememberingstav, where you can support our cause and be a part of the change. The profits from the clothing and donations will combine to support our Non-Profit, The Stav Reuven Project which will contribute to support Non-Traditional Forms of therapy for children, teenagers and young adults. We are also working on other forms of therapy and with your help, we can finally make the change that this world needed a long time ago. So please consider donating or making a purchase at our SKOOLIEZ store, we thank you in advance as your contribution is going to heavily impact the SKOOLIEZ vision. Together, we can make a difference.

If you would like to support our cause, we will gladly appreciate any contribution. You can DONATE HERE