Why we made SKOOLIEZ in the first place, was to raise awareness for teen-suicide and depression. When my sister Stav passed away, I felt as if I could have done a lot more than I did when she was here. If only I knew more about depression and took the time to learn, maybe I would have learned that depression was not a constant mood that my sister had, but an illness. Maybe I would have been there for her more if I was more aware. It is now my goal to raise awareness for depression and suicide, so that those of us who may know someone with depression or not, can become more aware. SKOOLIEZ is more than just a website. Everytime that you purchase a piece of clothing or artwork, you are really making a huge donation to a serious cause. You are contributing to a change that this world needed years ago, as all the money earned is going to our Non-Profit Organization. Losing my sister was not worth having to find out how serious depression really is, and it seems as if we who do not have depression often treat it as something very minor. But it’s not. And it is now time that people start understanding that. And for those of you who are struggling with depression, we hear you and we are there for you. And I promise that I will help your voice get heard. In honor of my sister, I have created a video, "DEPRESSION IS A JOKE" on how those of us who don’t have depression often treat people with depression, and the consequences of this lack of understanding. We often like to believe that our lives will remain ordinary, and believe that if we remain optimistic, that nothing in our lives could go wrong. And when we run and run away from our problems, the truth can only haunt us. I call this mindset, optimistic ignorance. I believe that WE ALL need to watch this video, and I promise you that you won’t regret it. I put weeks worth of work into this video, and I truly believe that it can help shape your perspective on depression, and help us become more supportive people. I created this video not only to raise awareness on depression and suicide, but to start raising awareness to our The Stav Reuven Project Non-Profit. We are creating this Non-Profit in hopes to provide children, teenagers and young adults with Non-Traditional forms of therapy. For some of us, talk therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapies are simply not enough. The Stav Reuven Project is leading the change when it comes to mental health care and is taking a non-traditional approach because mental illness is not the same for everyone. And in order to make this happen, we need your help. If you can, please try to support our Non-Profit so we can start taking action on this change, any contribution is greatly appreciated whether it's through our Donation Box or through a purchase (Donation) through the store. Thank you All.

If you would like to support my sister and I on this mental health awareness journey, I have created this clothing brand in hopes to spread depression and mental health awareness. The clothing will have my sister, Stav’s art on it. The money earned will be donated to nonprofit organizations for depression, as well as funding for a short film to raise awareness for mental health. My goal with this clothing brand is to raise enough money to actually be able to make this short film come to life and to reach further audiences. I have also created an instagram page @REMEMBERINGSTAV containing all of my sister’s art where you can get a closer look at who Stav was and how she felt. Her paintings contain deep meanings and could potentially mean something meaningful to you, as it does for me. Please check out my sisters art page and the clothing brand which I have linked below, and please support in any way you can. I would like you to please explore our website and please consider making a donation or purchasing a shirt. I will also continue to share her story on my youtube channel, @SKOOLIEZ, where I will continue to spread mental health and suicide awareness as well as future ideas to come. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help my YouTube Channel grow by subscribing through the link above. Please remember Stav with me, and take this message to be more compassionate and grateful for those around you.